Saturday, August 25, 2007


This evening I walked down to the Schuykill River to take some photos of the sunset and 7 pm for a Photo-Scavenger Hunt on Swap-Bot. What I found was the Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Company Performing the Hidden River Project 2007.

The performance started on the banks of the river at Walnut Street and progressed two blocks to Market Street. The performance encompassed the rock garden, ramps, and underpasses.

During the rock garden section the audience was encouraged to walk amongst the Umbrella Ladies. In ways it was like interacting with the human statues that you find on the street in European cities.

Normally, I am not an audience participation kinda gal. I almost rebelled when we had to join hands to ascend the stairs to the pergola at the top of the spiral staircase, but I sucked it up and held hands with two strangers.

I learned that the first name of the river was Ganshowahanna, Lenape meaning "rushing and roaring waters." Schuykill means "hidden river," the name given to it by Dutch trader Arendt Corssen. It was really lovely to be able to enjoy all of this along the banks of the river and not worry about trash and all the things we used to associate with the Schuykill.

After all, Muffy has had two swims in the river this summer and her flesh didn't melt off!