Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yup, there has been a proliferation of cuteness going on in my house. More kitties keep coming out of my sewing machine. I have actually run out of stuffing. Those who have witnessed my trunk full o'stuffing should be amazed.

I am really in love with this gal. She is my first sale!!! A work friend asked me to make a kitty for her granddaughter. The granddaughter is a two-year old, so I had to rethink the button eyes. The embroidered daisy was an inspired idea if I do say so myself.

This kitty is on her way to Tove in Finland. Tove sent me a wonderful yoyo doll in my first Recycled Stuffy swap. While browsing the site I saw that she had not received anything from her partner. I was really upset by this, Tove even sent a mousie for the cats. I wanted to make sure she got some love in return, so off goes this kitty. I know Tove will give her a loving home.

There has been another kitty sighting on Krissy's blog. And check out all the gorgeous red accessories she has for her office from See Jane Work. I stopped by and bought this snappy journal in Lime.

And speaking of cute...did you see the news? A wallabee is on the loose in Berks county?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fetching, indeed

Many thanks to Wendy for her enabling words that allowed me to say ppppthhht to 2007 resolutions not to buy more yarn. They came just in time for me to uncover these gems at Rosies. The Anne has such a lovely sheen and the colors are pretty subtle, no pops of hot pink here. The big debate is whether the skein will become socks for my stepfather or moi! The other skein is Autumn House Farms, Alpacita in the Hattie's Zinneas colorway.

The Alpacita was immediately cast on for a pair of "Fetching" fingerless mitts. I confess to being a bit obsessed with this pattern...this is my fourth pair- two for me, one for my mom and a pair for Muffy. I keep tweaking the pattern, the cuff on these is lengthened (to compensate for all the 3/4 length sleeves in my closet), an additional repeat is added at the knuckles and I did a regular bind off. Go on, knit a pair or five!

I have also been hitting the swaps again. This little kitty is for another Recycled Stuffy swap on Swap-Bot. She is headed off to Cielle on the west coast. I hope they have a happy life together...bye sweet kitty!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 6th?!?

Could this really be January 6th? In Philadelphia? Are you sure it's not June 6th? Today it soared into the 70s and Rittenhouse Square was packed with people and their dogs. I sat with the cutest duo today, Fred and his husky, Jack. I am smitten. It was the perfect chance to hang out in the park and get my knit on and work on my third pair of socks... Jaywalkers in some scrumptious yarn from Black Bunny Fibers. This is a great sock pattern and I can see why so many of my friends have knit these socks.

Cruisin through the city today I ran into many friends...the fabulous Maris and her friend Olivia, Mike and his partner, Sharon C and Josh, and made some new acquaintances in the crowd at the Mummers Parade.
I lived in this city for many years and held the Mummers in great disdain...grown men strutting down the street in dresses, feathers, and make-up? Now as an adult I now appreciate the Mummers for the fun and wonderful tradition that is so uniquely Philadelphian. Yeah, the crowd can be drunk and rowdy. But I really admire the dedication of those that strut up Broad Street and the hoards of helpers who push props and scenery behind them. And I really admire all the talented sewers who stitch the costumes, sewing all those sequins and feathers.

The one sad part of the day is that my bestfriend, Suzanne's father is quickly fading away. He was diagnosed not long ago with ALS and the disease is progressing much more rapidly than was expected. I am experiencing a mix of emotions...incredible sadness for Suzanne and her family on the loss of a wonderful father and relief that his suffering will not be long and his end peaceful and dignified, surrounded by people who love him dearly. If you are a person of faith, please say a prayer for this wonderful family.