Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yup, there has been a proliferation of cuteness going on in my house. More kitties keep coming out of my sewing machine. I have actually run out of stuffing. Those who have witnessed my trunk full o'stuffing should be amazed.

I am really in love with this gal. She is my first sale!!! A work friend asked me to make a kitty for her granddaughter. The granddaughter is a two-year old, so I had to rethink the button eyes. The embroidered daisy was an inspired idea if I do say so myself.

This kitty is on her way to Tove in Finland. Tove sent me a wonderful yoyo doll in my first Recycled Stuffy swap. While browsing the site I saw that she had not received anything from her partner. I was really upset by this, Tove even sent a mousie for the cats. I wanted to make sure she got some love in return, so off goes this kitty. I know Tove will give her a loving home.

There has been another kitty sighting on Krissy's blog. And check out all the gorgeous red accessories she has for her office from See Jane Work. I stopped by and bought this snappy journal in Lime.

And speaking of cute...did you see the news? A wallabee is on the loose in Berks county?

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tongue in cheek said...

The eye that winks into a flower!! I like that!