Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Did you run out of yarn?"

...my boss asked. Duh...men can be such idiots. I just whipped up this adorable shrug and may have to make yet another.

The pattern is Teva Durham's Turtleneck Shrug from Scarf Style. I knit it in the Rowan Kid Classic specified in the pattern. The fuzziness is lovely and really not terribly itchy for mohair. The shrug is very warm considering its total lack of a front or back. I would definitely use this yarn again, but am a little afraid about roasting in a whole sweater.
This pattern was fast, easy and pretty darn close to instant gratification. And you get a lot of bang for your buck. Even non-knitters were complimenting me on it...too bad I could not take credit for the clever design. I have read that some knitters have found that theirs shift around a lot on the shoulders. This one is staying perfectly in place. I did knit it on graduating needles to accommodate my chunky upper arms...started with 5s on the wrist and worked up to 7s on the upper arms. The changes are not at all noticeable when worn.
And I love, love, love this color! Does anyone else hear the heavenly choir singing in the background? Why am I so obsessed with wearing black when I look so adorable in grape? I have my mind set on some of this in aqua for a ballet wrap sweater from Rowan's fall mag.


Sherry W said...

nice glam shots!!

EmilyG said...

Adorable photos, you cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa -

You are sooo right! That color looks great on you and so does the shrug!


jojo* said...

Oh my. You DO look adorable in grape.

Thanks for the sock knitting help! :)

Stephanie said...

Looks like you are having fun, and grape is good on you!

tongue in cheek said...

Hello Beautiful!

Aponia said...

Since my skin is horrid my burn turned into freckles and just general grossness involving dry skin and breakouts.

I may never go out into the sun again.

but it was worth it to see you and the other girls!

mariss said...

Hey! We missed you tonight. New post por favor! JK. Xoxo.