Thursday, July 26, 2007

F%*#@ the Pomatomus

Ah, Pomatomus, that lovely sock pattern. Mine were looking so lovely; knitted in Yarn Pirate's beautiful Sonoma colorway. The yarn is a joy to work with and the feel is so silky.

Until I hit the 2nd graph and the jog in the pattern, I was cruising. And then I spent a week knitting and unknitting rows 5-16 and another week on rows 16-22. Sure, I tried them on and couldn't get my foot into the ankle. I put it down to my fat feet and absurdly high instep. So, I promised them to my mother for Christmas.

Last weekend Muffy and I ventured to the family homestead in CT. I took the socks for my mum to try on. I was heading for the toes quickly and did not want to make them too long. Tragedy struck ...the damn thing was too small even for my mother and her narrow feet with normal insteps. She didn't even hesitate when I asked her if I should rip them out and start again.

You can hear me sobbing as it unravels in a squiggly mound of yarn, can't you?

All of that hard work and I really really love the I have to start over and I have promised them to my mother. By the way, this is just the thing that my mother's highly selective memory will remember...sigh...I really want these socks for me.

A gal's gotta have a little consolation in this world, so I stopped by Rosie's on my way home and got the first crack at the freshly delivered Black Bunny Sock yarn. This "Saucy" skein should take away some of the disappointment. Oh, yeah baby!


EmilyG said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, dear! At least you get to spend more time with the lovely yarn? Maybe you could fake your Mom out with a different pair?

Bliss said...

Oh, how heartbreaking! (I hope your new saucy acquisition eases the pain somewhat.) I've been thinking about attempting the Pomatomus socks but stories like yours are making me rethink that idea.