Thursday, June 05, 2008


Basil Part II has been off the needles now for weeks. This one took me a fraction of the time it took me to knit the first Basil. But true to Lisa-form, I really dragged my heels on blocking the blanket. And then dragged them again on posting my final pictures.

I think this pattern would be wonderful knit in most any finer gauge yarn. There is however an undeniable magic to knitting it in Koigu. Anyone else want to have a baby, so I can knit another?


Anonymous said...

this blanket is totally pushing me to finish mine. one more more skein. and i got gauge for the lace top! you are a wonderful color picker. kinda sad that the shrimp was dk not 4ply. i was willing to get adventurous with my color. ah well.

Robin said...

The picture really shows the color variations. Beautiful! I wish my sister would have let me knit Leah a blanket. :(

Mindy said...

I'm due at least by 2010! Pink! And if it's a boy, I get to keep it for me!