Monday, July 28, 2008


What a wonderful weekend I had! Saturday I met Stacey at the Ant's Pants Cafe for a yummy brunch, with mandatory sweet potato fries. Then we headed over to La Va for some knitting. Our Maudes are looking lovely, but how can you go wrong with acres of Koigu? I am almost at the half way point and the short rows. Hope I don't mess it up.

Andrea came over on Sunday for brunch and sewing. She made scrumptious blueberry muffins, and I tried my hand at an impromptu quiche.

I figured how wrong could you go with six eggs, milk and a ton of swiss cheese? I took my cues from swiss cheese fondue and threw in a bunch of nutmeg and a glug of Kirsh for a little whooo-hoo. The thing puffed up like a huge souffle, absolutely brilliant. Fortunately it tasted pretty good too. So, that is not the mutant of my subject line.

I cut out a layered skirt by Amy Butler and Andrea played with the serger. The machine was misbehaving in embarrassing fashion. The back loop stitches were all loosey goosey and sluttish. We threaded and rethreaded, tightened the tension, loosened it, and called Jeannie for her advise. She recommended a repair shop.

Andrea got it working within her acceptable limits and finished off one of her Piddleloopish bags. She gave me a 5 minute tutorial and fled. I was left with my prepped fabric and a third of a bottle of champagne. Well, champagne should never be wasted.

WARNING: never drink and use a serger. All mistakes are permanent. Here is my mini mutant.

It's actually quite cute, despite the goof. Fortunately it was on my second corner so I could repeat my error and make it symmetrical.

Despite its odd shape, it still held a big ball of sock yarn, and almost a whole sock on DPNs. I think it would be much better with circular needles. Guess I'll have to take up the Magic Loop!


Robin said...

Great job on your first bag! Love the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Hey there-

First of all miss ya. Second of all that is the cutest mutant ever! and I love the sock colorway!


Wendy said...

You can't go wrong with six eggs, milk and a ton of swiss cheese! Yum!


Dacia said...

that is super cute! sounds like a lovely weekend. sewing and champagne! spontaneous souffles! brilliant. :)

Andrea said...

Hey I just got back. I like how your bag turned out. How about I can't post about our weekend, because my husband deleted the pictures except the one with the mimosa.

P.S. I did not flee your house. If I recall, there was a lot of fun and a little of everything else. I am so ready to do it again. Thanks for a great time.

Mindy said...

It's adorable, and it's nice to know that not everything comes out perfect for you on the first try . . . just most things. I miss you!

Anonymous said...
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