Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lago Atitlan

Returning to our previously scheduled adventures in Guatemala...

Muffy and I spent the night of my birthday at a very special place, the Casa del Mundo on Lake Atitlan. The guide books love this place and who can blame them? Truly, if I were to return to Guatemala, the Casa del Mundo would be why. The only flaw we found with the hotel was poor lighting in our room. Oh, and the huge, HUGE muffin sized spiders that were hanging out on the wall by my bed. The booklet in the room said not to worry, they weren't poisonous. Just really massive.

The hotel is very eco-friendly, even the water is solar heated. So in the spirit of the place I chilled out, and became spider friendly. I know, rather surprising isn't it? As I said before, Guatemala was a growth experience.

The hotel is so relaxing...hammocks on porches, terraces, a wood-fired hot tub, books to borrow, games to play and really yummy food. Dinner at the Casa del Mundo is served family style and all the guests sit down together for a candlelight meal. The experience was lots of fun and so civilized after the prior day's chicken bus trauma.

This Lace Ribbon Scarf was my choice for travel knitting. Who knew this scrumptious soothing shade of Mini Maiden would be the same color as the beautiful Lake Atitlan?

And that with all the wild bright colors of Guatemala, this lovely shade of blue would be the one to follow me home and take over my knitting? I have been very busy since coming home, working on adorable DC's Trellis Lace Capelet in Rowan 4-ply Cotton. Funny how the color reminds me of something.


Mariss said...

What a gorgeous place! I'm jealous of all but the spiders! Glad you treated yourself to a fun time for your birthday.

I thought that the lace ribbon scarf was a photo of the ocean when I glanced at it in my peripheral vision! Quite fitting, indeed.

Robin said...

The lace ribbon scarf looks like ripples of water like that. What a beautiful place!

Mindy said...

Gorgeous! I'm quite envious. ...of the trip, the scarf, and the capelet. Miss you!