Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts and Flowers

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Valentines Day is traditionally not my favorite day, probably because I am without a sweetie...le sigh.

I have however finished my Hedgerow socks. Yeah, it took me almost a year to finish these. I cannot tell you why. Love the color--just look at this yumminess. It is Socks That Rock light weight in "Bleeding Hearts". I will confess to being a bit disappointed that after very little pooling on the ankles that it did start doing way funky things once I turned the heel. Next confession is that I managed to screw up a simple four row repeat, but at least I was consistent through the whole pair and they still look great. The socks are comfy and warm. I am now looking forward to knitting up more of my STR stash. Next time I will go down in needle size just a smidge...Addi's vs anything else in 1s. And I will go toe-up, I have short feet, only size seven and the cuffs weren't particulary long, but I finished with only about a yard to spare. It was a nail biter!

Well, no sweetie in sight, but these beauties arrived yesterday...

Tosca was very appreciative.

And no, I did not mug a delivery guy on the street.

Thanks, Daddy!


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet of your dad. What a lovely surprise!

Have a great day today!

Andrea said...

Gotta love the Dad!! He's awesome.

Mariss said...

Awww, your Dad is so sweet! I love it!

The socks, just lovely.

I'm tearing up to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Flight of the Navigator this morning....LOL! Hugs and kisses my sweet!

Bridget said...

Your Hedgerow Socks look great! I made a pair last year, and at the beginning, they gave me fits. Which was sad, since as you said, it's only a 4-row repeat.

Looks to me like your kitty is convinced that the flowers are for her ... you are lucky that your dad is still around to send you flowers, I'm jealous!