Thursday, October 22, 2009

A First Time....

...some good, some questionable, some weird.

Many, many thanks to my dear friend Anj, who invited me to drive up to Rhinebeck with her and stay with her delightful Aunt Judy and Uncle Wynn at Herron Farm. I got to pet the llamas, feed the alpacas, check out the chickens and threaten to make soup from the rooster who woke me up every half hour both mornings. Who knew that roosters come with a doze function?

The weather report for the weekend was grim and it looked like the Nor'easter was targeting Rhinebeck. Amazingly the rain skirted the festival...not a drop landed. The sky was overcast, but the lack of sunshine meant it was cool enough for all of us to show off our hand knits!

Not all of the hand knits were equal. Dude, I hope your friends don't see my blog. How could you let her do that to you? Guess we know who wears the pants in that family.

I spent a lot more time with the animals then I ever have at MDS&W. There were tons of cute sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas. I got in some serious heavy petting...met a new boy friend, Buster Brown. I was too busy petting him to take his picture.

A couple of us made out with this llama, Biscotti Chips. She was pretty promiscuous and doling out kisses to everyone. I think Judy was trying to figure out how to get this cutie into her car. First time I have ever had llama kisses or seen one so affectionate and everyone.

I fondled a lot of yarn, but bought very little, just enough to not feel deprived and not too much, so no feelings of guilt. I try very hard not to mix guilt and yarn.
Now, on to the downright weird. Have you ever seen an egg that didn't have a shell?

It was a little old by the time I got to see it. It was shriveling up and drying out. The membrane felt like really fine grit sandpaper.
They have had other egg anomalies at the farm. One of the eggs had three yolks. Does that mean it has triple the cholesterol?
I am already looking forward to returning to Rhinebeck!


Mariss said...

Ohh!!! I want to make out with Biscotti Chips :P I'm so glad you were able to go with Anj, and had a great time. You sure deserve it. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to go to Rhinebeck next year; it looks like you had fun!
When I was visiting my sister-in-law's farm this summer, one of her hens laid an egg with no shell. It implies a calcium deficiency, and she gave it crushed oyster shells to fix it. So weird!

Robin said...

Glad you guys had a good time and the weather held out. I was thinking that it was some environmental issue like dioxin or something, but I know nothing about animals so the calcium deficiency commnent is probably more likely.

Mindy said...

I'm so glad you had fun at Rhinebeck. I opted out much in part due to the weather - silly me. It's such a beautiful time of year to be up there! Glad you got some petting in while you were there. The man in the pen with Biscotti Chips looks like he was having as much fun watching her kiss you as you guys were having letting her. Adorable!