Sunday, September 23, 2007

Totally Tubular, Man...

Yeah, I heard you groan....but it is totally tubular. Italian tubular cast-on that is. Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts have been on my to knit list for quite a while. I loved the ones Emily made for her wife Y last year. But once again a pattern got sidelined by a knitting technique I couldn't grasp.

The dreaded Italian tubular cast-on is a bitch to learn and yields a great stretchy edge when done correctly. Fluffbuff has posted a fantastic tutorial with pictures and a video clip. I watched the video a bozillion times before I caught on. The toughest part was that she was casting on to a long much larger gauge needle and I was casting on to a "0" dpn... nothing to tuck under my arm. This technique definately requires that you have two free hands. After repeated attempts using the only two hands that God gave me, with needles sent flying across the livingroom, I figured out how to anchor my needle. A big ol'center pull skein of Noro, wedged between my laptop and my boobs, with the needle jabbed in. Now the next problem was getting Tosca to hit the keys on the laptop to forward and rewind the video clip.

It was worth the learning curve. I am really pleased with how my mitt is working out. Love the colors, Kiogu of course, and I am carrying them in two hands. Yup, a plethora of new tricks to use in these mitts.

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EmilyG said...


I LOVE the image of you with your needle anchored and Tosca working the laptop for you! Hee!

Somehow I managed to do this cast-on without the involvement of a ball of Noro, a laptop, a kitty, or, frankly, boobs. :) I'll have to go back and refresh my memory about how I did it so I can show you... Then again, if you've got a method that works, go with it!!