Monday, October 01, 2007

Cleaning Up the WIP

I have been inspired by all of the projects that Mariss is finishing. And think it is time for me to get with the program.

Finishing is not part of my genetic make-up. My mother makes beautiful clothing and taught me to sew. But, if you go through our closets you will find a ton of safety pins...all in the waist bands of trousers and skirts. Now that I think about it, is it a problem with finishing or a problem with closure?

Two berets are finished and blocked. (Big thank you to Kate for the raspberry Koigu rescue!)

Beatrix the second is being seamed. My two vests for afghans for is getting its buttons sewn on is blocked and drying.

My second Lady Eleanor is waiting for its chance to be blocked and fringed. Maybe then I will do the finishing on my first Lady E. I admit to be a little wigged out by blocking something so big...and I have blocking space issues.

And work resumed at lunch today on Courtney's Claposhrug. One sleeve to go!

Now if only I could get back to the Pomotomus...sigh.


EmilyG said...

Go, Go, Go! Wooooo!

Love the beret! Yummy!

mariss said...

Good Lord, Lis. Your projects are all 'real'. Mine were just teeny weeny!

I love the beret. You'll have to tell me the pattern tomorrow. Everything else looks mah-velous!