Saturday, October 13, 2007

Caution! Under Construction

Well, here at Chez Lisa, we are under construction. It's the morning of day three and my head is splitting from the noise of saws, drills and hammers.

It is however all going to be worth it. The leak that has plagued my condo from the date of purchase has finally been located and is being fixed. I am also getting a new door frame to the soon to be rebuilt deck and a new screendoor. Its costing a bundle, but if it eliminates all the stress I carry with me every time it rains heavily or walk into the kitchen and see the huge honking hole in the ceiling over the sink, it will be worth it.

Also underconstruction are a bunch of hats for new-borns.
These are knit from Koigu mill ends and are a mini version of the "James Dean Hat" from Rosie's. Thanks to Courtney's Max for the fabulous idea! The hats I am knitting are going up for sale at a charity fundraiser at the end of the month.

September and October has seen a lot of charity knitting. I am waiting to block Lady E for the same fundraiser above. And then there were the vests for afghans for Afghans.

Stash busting for charity has felt great. And addictive, I have more of the alpaca above, waiting to be another sweater for an Afghan child. I hope they keep some kids toasty warm! Thanks to Allison (Ravelry link) for organizing the drive on Ravelry. Some members knit a truly impressive number of sweaters, mittens, hats and socks.

Now I need to get moving on the Christmas knitting!

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Felicia said...

Best of luck with your construction. Love your stash busting charity sweaters!