Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sock Model Wanted...

...must be size seven shoe, with slender, shapely ankles. Own supply of adorable shoes to wear with my socks is highly desirable.

Yup, I have come to the conclusion that I can knit lovely socks, but I cannot model them. There is a huge degree of photo envy here. All those pictures on Ravelry and Flickr of beautiful socks in funky maryjanes leave me in the pit of dispair. I used to blame it on the awkward angles and bad backgrounds when I took the pictures myself. Now the truth is glaringly obvious. I had friends at knitting circle photograph my socks on my feet. This was the best shot...ouch.

My mummy used to tell me that my feet looked like some little old Chinese lady had bound them at birth. The only person that ever praised them was my ballet teacher, who said I had the best natural pointe. Unfortunately, add to that high arch and instep, ankles that have been sprained multiple times and finished with a nasty break, and you have a sock modeling disaster.

The socks are lovely on their own. It is the Monkey pattern; knit from Black Bunny Fibers merino.


mariss said...

Blame me. I should have been lying on the floor to get that shot!!! Skinny ankles are overrated. I have the narrow feet part, but they're flat as a thirteen year old model's chest.

I hear ya though. Sock modeling is the worst! xo

Andrea said...

I think your legs & feet are fine. You can see the stitches better. Oh, the socks turned out great. And in answer to your question, Juliet is a pretty easy knit, and it goes fast. I'm almost done.

jen said...

Your lady eleanor is bigger than mine. Looks awesome though. Very cozy.

And I got the big bird yarn saved aside for myself.

I know....I had to. But a friend told me to knit only socks. I'm thinking pomatomus or jaywalkers. She said as long as it's nothing near my face, I'm fine.

Karen Leary said...

I'd model them for you, but you might not get them back ;)