Saturday, October 27, 2007

From Beast to Beauty

Lady Eleanor was the beauty of the ball, erh...Harvest Festival at 1st Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. I am happy to say that she sold for $300 in the silent auction today! A lot of my items were sold today which makes me extremely pleased.

I have had a problem for a while with the general concept that because it is a church event that hand-made things should all be sold on the cheap. Come on guys this is a fundraiser for charity! Cough up the bucks! There are still plenty of items there, that are the cheesy craft things and oodles of novelty scarves all for those that only want to pay $10 max for any thing. Some of the older women doubted that my things would sell at higher prices. Ppphhhht (raspberry sound) they were wrong! There are people out there willing to pay the proper price for hand-made goods.

So it was a fun day despite the torrential downpours. My stash of finished pieces has been diminished, money has been raised for children's charities in Philadelphia and I have a nice little tax deduction.


Knit - R - Done said...

Exquisite. Lovely. It was so nice of you to donate some much of your work.

mariss said...

I'm so proud of you! And glad to hear that Eleanor was not turned into a "cheap hoe"! Just kidding.

You worked very hard on her, and she was worth 9x what you got. However, the price you got was fantastic, and what a nice thing for the kids.

Yay, Lisa!

Sherry W said...

Congrats Lisa! That's one lucky bidder!

EmilyG said...

Lady El blocked out GORGEOUS!! Excellent work, and congrats on the selling price!

Andrea said...

Lady Eleanor was beautiful, and her auction price wasn't bad either. Nice job, and a great cause. Congrats!!

ann said...

that is really beautiful!!!! the recipient is lucky indeed!!!!!! ann