Sunday, February 03, 2008

Brunch is calling

There are few gatherings that I enjoy more than weekend brunches with friends. This afternoon Marissa, Madga and Moi hit up A Full Plate Cafe on Liberty Walk in NoLib....YUM.

So, my phone has a crush on Magda's phone; it calls her all the time. It called her phone today while we were having brunch. Last weekend when Magda couldn't have lunch with Mindy, Marissa and myself, my phone called her's 23 times and left voice mail messages that were little snippets of our luncheon conversation. Almost like being there if you listened to all the messages. Yup, there is a little stalker activity going on here.

Full Plate is so cute and the food is really delish. The real winner was the Cinnamon Bobka French Toast, tasty.

I showed off my finished Endpaper Mitts. Don't they look fab? My only disappointment is that I took so long for me to finish them. Once I got past my past my completely irrational phobia of all things Kitchner, I was good to go. Mitt #2 was knit in a flash!

And do you see there to the right, part of Marissa's waffles with banana cream, strawberries and coconut?

Not much left when the feeding frenzy was over...just a lot of laughter. Good times, my friends, good times!


Sherry W said...

Crap, I should have came!!

Nice mitts!!!

EmilyG said...

Congrats on the mitts! They look fab!

purlewe said...

looks like fun!

the mitts are gorgeous!!!

mariss said...

I had such a great time with you and Magda. Now I want that piece of my waffle...

The endpaper mitts are fabulous. The Barefoot Contessa would certainly agree ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey -

I'm so glad that you and Marissa asked me to come. It was a great way to end a crazy week and start a new one. (maybe we should let the cell phones have a little alone time to work things out : )


Wendy said...

I'm sure if my cell phone had Magda's number, it would have a crush om Magda's phone too!

Mitts look great!