Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Tragic Tale

...okay, not so tragic.

Basil is finally finished and ready for blocking. I'll post pictures when it no longer looks like there is a boob in the center. It was time for me to get back to knitting something for me, about damn time! Even though beautiful Debbie Bliss silk alpaca arrived to knit Gretel, I resisted casting on something new.

I have lovely items already on needles. First I picked up my Endpaper Mitts. They had stalled right at the Kitchner/Tubular cast-off on the first mitt. I turned on the high power magnifying lamp, pulled up the tutorial on-line, gritted my teeth and plunged in. It was a bit painful but I got through it. Then I knit and cast off the thumb. And spured on by my success I cast on for the second mitt. Yes, the Italian Tubular Cast-on, which was not so difficult this time, only four or five false starts. Now I am happily cranking my way through mitt #2.

Saddly, when I picked Juliet back up, the results were not so happy. Andrea told me to make the large, but I think I had already cast on for the XL. At knitting circle, only about 20 garter ridges in, I decided to try it on and make a decision about whether to make the longer or cropped version. Everyone agreed that it was too big...sigh. I stood with it draped around my shoulders while Andrea cranked the ball winder. Back to the start...rats....rats...rats!

Thank you, Andrea for being so gentle. What a good bud.


Anonymous said...

i think it looks and feels fab-o. better you found out now than to knit a front, back and a sleeve. and why the heck do i want to knit a basil now? someone tell me that? do YOU happen to know? hmmm?

mariss said...

Of course I noticed the nipple-itis on your Basil. However, I was in such awe over the pure cuteness and lovely picot edging, that I forgot to tease you.

The larger Juliet would have looked like crap. The smaller size is going to be divine--you'll be happy soon. I'll join you and finish my projects ;)

EmilyG said...

Sounds like I missed quite the drama on Wednesday! I was home with a tummyache. :( All better now. :)

Go you on the endpaper mitts! I'm knitting the Anemoi Mittens right now and LOVING them. Halfway through the second mitten! Ms. Jang - she's a smartypants allright.

I have this image in my head of Juliet draped around your shoulders, Andrea at the ball-winder, and you spinning like a top as she unwinds!

Andrea said...

I noticed the boob too on basil, but I figured you could block it out. It's beautiful, and I love the colors. I haven't looked at the endpaper mitts. I'll have to check them out.

I had so much fun on Wednesday night. Got anything else you want me to unwind for you?

Andrea said...

By the way, go visit my blog because you make my day!!

Simply Mindy said...

Bless your heart! I saw the disappointment on your face when you returned from the ball winder. I'm sure it will be all resolved and further along this Wednesday. I guess, you could think of it as a good thing - you probably won't have to knit as much (even including the ball wound stitches) now than you would have. Right? Oh, and I'd love to learn that new cast on method!