Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kitchy Kitchy Koo

Baby super-model, Clyde, prenatally known as Flippy the Bean, graciously modeled my latest baby knits for me. I have hit yet another baby boom -- something in the water 9 mos. ago --thank heavens I was only drinking cider then!

These little hat and mitt sets are seriously the cutest and fastest baby gift around. The little hats are Lisa Myers' James Dean hat knit on 2s using Koigu mill ends. The pattern calls for Noro Kureyon. Clyde's father, Max, was the first to monkey with the gauge and come up with this adorable hat.

The only downer on the hats is the provisional cast-on and 52 stitches worth of Kitchner stitch. Yes, I just said 52 stitches. Before these baby hats my only use of the dreaded Kitchner stitch was 10-12 stitches worth on the toe of a sock. Every single time I have had to call up the tutorial and scroll through picture by picture. Now, 3 baby James Deans completed, I have mastered the Kitchner stitch...even walked away from the laptop and grafted away while watching TV.

I can tell that you are incredibly impressed. Ppphhht...I was.

The adorable little mitts are designed by my very sweet friend Emily. The pattern is posted here. These whip up in no time at all. The only thing that was not super fun about these were the laces...14 inches of i-cord on 0's. I did manage to survive and it was not too tedious.

These sets are gifts for twins Reno Jr. and Sarah Jo, and Tucker. Welcome to the world precious little ones!


purlewe said...

I also cannot kitchner without looking at a cheat sheet.. but I figure we fill our brains with other stuff.. important stuff. Stuff other people might forget!

mariss said...

Cute overload! Cute overload!

Damn, I wish I had "accidentally" drunk (drank?!) that water. Just kidding!

Let's add Emily as a designer to Ravelry, STAT! Those are too sweet. So happy for your friends and their wee ones!

Now you better finish Basil already ;)

Anonymous said...

These are super CUUUUTTEE! and I think Marissa is right those are some great mitts that Emily designed.


EmilyG said...

Awww! Thanks guys!

Nicely done, Lisa!

Andrea said...

Too Cute!! You did a great job. I love Emily's design.