Monday, January 21, 2008

Basic Sock?

Who said that stripes aren't flattering on short fat feet? This was my first ever test knit for Madelinetosh's Simple Socks. I am a very bad test knitter and just reported my results oh so very late. Sorry, Amy!!

These uber comfy socks were knit in Trekking XXL on size 1 DPNs. The socks could use a bit more negative ease. I am not sure if the fault lies with my measurements, gauge, the yarn etc. They are however really comfortable.

And they are loud, definitely the loudest pair of socks made to date. And I only possess one other skein in my stash that comes close to competing.

Any one have a suggestion for this skein of STR? I think it may be too wild for a pattern to show well. What was I thinking? Regina, you may be replaced this year as my Maryland Sheep and Wool shopping chaperone.

I'm just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Personally I think you're just panicking about the wee bit o'(hot) pink. There's a lot of grey in the skein; I should know as I have 2 skeins just like it in my stash. If you really feel that badly about it I'll trade you my greenish/blue Ellen's Haft-pint. I'm not sure what made me buy that at MSW last year.. I keep buying greens that I don't really like... :)


purlewe said...

Actually I was thinking that is a pretty calm color compared to the craziness I got from a trade of STR. Mine is "christmas ornaments" and includes purple green and orange as well as red and pink.. this looks tame.

The sock does look good though. nice and comfy!

Anonymous said...

You know I am NOT the one to trust for too-bright answers. I figure if it's going in a shoe, who cares? I'd say a basic sock would do fine. It wouldn't take away from the color.

And I've never been to the french bakery but it's something for me to look into. Hmmmm....

One Crabapple said...

You MADE those ? WOW

And I love your patterns. I almost bought them but my knitting is so far from actuallly making something so wonderful...I thought I might wait and in the meantime...get my butt over to the knit shop and learn a few things beyond scarf making !

Thanks for the inspiration. You are very GOOD !