Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orange is the New Blue

Juliet is done! She is the new favorite-don't-want-to-take-it-off sweater. Okay, so I have lovely biggish abalone buttons for her, that have not been sewn on, but the whole button-loop thing is just not a priority right now.

I think if I had the sweater to knit again, a medium would actually fit better. The bottom is a bit more voluminous than ideal. But she is so soft and warm and cozy and lots of other wonderful adjectives.

There was a blue Juliet, a blue Gretel and blue Crocodile gloves...winter blues? Well, spring is here and I have moved out of the blues and into my orange period.

Muffy's Anemoi mittens in grape and orange were my transition. More orange came home with me on Friday. Since then, Artemis has been busting into the bag and lovin' on the yarn. Saturday morning she buried a skein of Neighborhood Fibers Studio Sock in my bed. Then she dropped a skein of Haiku on my face at 4 in the morning. And tonight I came home to find her curled up with one of the wound skeins. Clearly she wants me to ditch all other WIPs and swatch for the Optic Wave Stole. Smart kitty...enabling kitty...I love this kitty...minus the drool on the mohair.


Anonymous said...

Juliet is truly beautiful and Artemis is truly wise.


EmilyG said...


Yes, Artemis clearly must be heeded.

purlewe said...

I agree... the cat must be obeyed!

Wendy said...

Oh please - the cat is NOT in control - it's time to knit Martha!!


meg said...

Your Juliet is beautiful! And I think your cat sounds like the perfect pet. My dog likes my yarn too, but she tries to eat it all. Not as cute as putting it in bed with you!

Simply Mindy said...

If only Artemis could actually knit it for you! She's beautiful, by the way. I might even wear her around, she's so fuzzy and cute. ...and what is that she's sitting on? Ha! I've so been there.

knithappy said...

Oh! I'm so jealous. My Juliet is in a wrinkled heap at the bottom of the knitting basket. Ugh.
Yours looks great. Congratulations!

Simply Mindy said...

I just read further down, and your deck looks fantastic! Beautiful view, too.