Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anemoi Mittens

Eunny Jang's Anemoi Mittens knit in Louet's Gems. I stayed true to the pattern...practised my mad tubular cast on skills...knit the cuffs on 0s, probably should have used 1s...did the pain in the ass three needle cast off.

Loved knitting with this yarn. Every wonderful thing I have heard about it was absolutely true.

Best of all, this time Muffy's lovingly handknit mittens fit, fit perfectly. Now maybe she can give up the tatty old gloves with the chenille worn off in patches.

Thanks Mindy for acting as the mitten model!


mariss said...

What a good big sister you are. Perhaps you're making up for the volleyball incident with Muffy?! Just kidding.

I don't think Mindy wants to give the mittens back ;)

EmilyG said...


purlewe said...

hurrah! gorgeous work!! I can't wait to make a pair myself one day.

Anonymous said...

i'm taking them. i'm just gonna snatch them. no warnings. i MIGHT make my own, but i dunno. it's easier to nab already-made ones. plus there's the picking of colors. i see contrasting colors work very well.

Robin said...

Wow, they turned out great!

Dacia said...

those are SO cute! very impressive!