Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ok, so I know that these really look like two totally different pieces of knitting. They aren't.

Indoor light vs natural light.

Blue binding vs light green.

Over thinking your color choices vs going with your first instinct.

Questionning my color instinct, which I actually think is usually pretty damn good, I returned the light green Koigu I originally bought and bought the Caribbean Blue Louet's. It looked like a good match for the blue splashes in the yarn. In reality it was horrible. In lights other than Rosie's it wasn't green enough. The contrast was too great. And with all the varigated Koigu it was too solid.

Ripping back my knitting ranks right up there with unmedicated root canal. It hurt like hell, but I am incredibly happy now...reunited with my light green Koigu.


mariss said...

I think you have great color instinct too, don't forget it next time! But you're allowed to make mistakes sometimes!

The new Basil is gorgeous! What a lucky baby. Great work, my dear.

Robin said...

The green looks really good. Not fun ripping out, but you are much happier in the end. :-)

meg said...

The green looks really good. I think it actually brings out the blues and brighter colors more because it doesn't over-shadow them. Lucky baby!

Wendy said...

Oopsy - and I thought the blue looked pretty good outside the store - sorry!


Courtney Kelley said...

I like the light green, but I understand the impulse to pick up the blues in that color of Koigu, I have some of it at home and the little splashes of blue are really pretty.