Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Speaking Rowan

Last Wednesday at knitting circle, Stacy asked, "Does any one speak Rowan?"

I laughed. I may not be laughing for long. Basil is finished in record time and off the needles (pictures are coming after I have blocked my little beauty.) And Martha from Rowan Studio has been cast-on.

Admittedly, before I was willing to cast-on, I heckled and pestered Wendy a bit to finish her Martha. OK, Wendy, a lot. What can I say, I am a follower...I like to have my friends work out the tricky parts first. From what I understand there can be quite a few tricky parts in Rowan patterns.

So with advise from Wendy and seeing what was out there on Ravelry, there are already modifications being made. Right off the bat both fronts and the back were cast-on together to cut down on the seaming. That makes for a long row of stitches, but I am through the bottom band of patterning and ready to slog into a lot of stockinette. Turn on the autopilot for a bit!


mariss said...

That is some good thinking. I knitting patterns, the early bird has to figure everything out ;)

It's gonna be mah-ve-lous, my dear. I also agree, that's why I'm enjoying the Lace Ribbon Scarf pattern so much, it's fun -- but no thinking required!

Wendy said...

Always happy to be your guinea pig!


Sherry W said...

That's going to be fabu!