Saturday, May 10, 2008

So soft and juicy

The Tenley Circle Studio Sock yarn from the Neighborhood Fiber Co. really grabbed my attention, but adding the Alchemy Haiku in Kai's Goldfish is the "BAM!" If only I could add Haiku to everything in my life.

The Optic Waves Shawl from Clara Parkes, The Knitters Book of Yarn is a really easy lace pattern and so far a really satisfying knit. I was really disturbed to hear that the sample shawl from the book had been stolen at MDS&W from the Brooks Farm booth. And so in honor of shawls gone by I cast on, and am having trouble putting it down.

Bunch of the gals met up this afternoon for a some knitting and spinning 101 in Rittenhouse Square. The weather let us down a bit, it was chilly and very cloudy, but at least it didn't rain.

The weather may have let us down, but there was much laughter and fun. We also attracted a group of wee would be knitters who got to play with their first bits of Koigu...start 'em young on the good stuff!

Before we hit the park, some of us stopped at Rosie's and dove into the Koigu mill-ends. I brought some of my stashed mill-ends from past years to see if I could flesh it out for some projects. These fab pinky orange skeins are going to be a Baby Surprise sweater for Amy's newly born daughter, Danielle Rae.

And because a lovely new crop of full skeins came with the mill-ends, I swapped some blue skeins for these lovely green ones. I have a little green Koigu thing going on these days! I have Maude in mind for these lovelies.


Robert said...

I missed y'all today. I would have much rather been knitting in the park than stuck at work. Unfortunately (for me) hospitals never seem to close. I hope to be at the next knit-out.


Mariss said...

I had a great time, picking out Koigu and hanging out. Your Maude is going to be marvelous, dahlink. I hope someone returns Clara's shawl.

meg said...

I'm bummed I couldn't make it to the meet up, it looks like you guys have a lot of fun.... next time, next time. And also, that BSJ is going to look great in those colors.

EmilyG said...

Sorry I missed y'all - I decided to spend the day's energy on visiting the Morris Arboretum with my four-year-old nephew. Fun!

By the way, I got new drugs on Friday and I'm finally feeling better! Woo hooo! I see knitting in my future...

And I'm just dying for that green koigu to become a stunning Maude for you. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed you all too, but I'm just losing my marbles and thought the meet up was on Sunday. Thanks Lisa for coming out and knitting with me and soing your show and tell again with me! That's what I call a friend.


Wendy said...

Hopefully, the weather will be more compliant for the next degenerate meet-up.

Maude will be awesome in green!