Thursday, April 17, 2008

Growing Basil

Geez, Lisa, are you knitting that again?

Is anyone really surprised? I seem to have acquired a bad rep for knitting the same pattern over and over...two Lady Eleanors, two Koolhaus, two Beatrix, two Clapotis and a handful of Fetchings, Purl Berets, Emily Infant Mitts and baby James Deans. that it is catalogued; I am guilty! But sometimes a sure thing is best.

My first Basil was brilliant. Why not repeat brilliance? Easy to remember lace repeats coupled with oh-so-lovely Koigu and you have yourself a winner. And in this case, throw in a little of my other newer fav, Louet's Gem fingering.

I think this may be the last of the major babies in my life for a while...that is until Muffy or Marissa start popping them out (sorry, Mariss, couldn't help myself.) Amy, my dear friend and soror is the mother to be. Once again, continuing a trend, not a girly girly pink person having yet another girl baby. When is someone going to let me knit with pink koigu for a little girl?

My pictures are not doing the yarn adequate justice. Amy and her husband live in Breckenridge, CO and this yarn has all the colors I remember from my visit there. Not traditional baby colors, but I am sure that she is going to love it.

We all cook with Basil. Why not add this recipe to your repertoire?


EmilyG said...


mariss said...

Well, the way I've seen it, you've only knit 1 pair of Anemoi (?) mittens. If you must, I'll take a pair. LOL.

I'll have a baby for you to knit for one day soon. And you can do an explosion of bubblegum pink to your hearts desire.


meg said...

Thanks for the well wishes!
I love the blue with the beautiful multi-colored koigu. You can't go wrong with something that feels so nice, especially for babies. :)

Mindy said...

You'll hear no complaints from me about a pink koigu blanket. I just may have a kid (or act like one) for a Lisa-made baby pink (or blue) basil. No matchy-matchy complaints here.