Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Last Thanksgiving this sweet bag of bones showed up at my uncle's home in Nevada looking for some attention and food. He had no collar and a bad case of fleas. If it weren't for the fleas and a holiday schedule at the vet's, there is a good chance that he might have ended up in a suitcase bound for Philadelphia. My uncle lost a black cat, Midnight, several years ago. I think Midnight sent this fellow to fill in the gap. The kitty stopped coming around shortly after I returned home. Broke my heart, cause I thought he was so close to being let in the house.

Well, he made it through the winter and started coming back around late this spring for some grub and conversation. He is quite talkative. By the end of the summer he'd been in some bad scrapes and needed emergency surgery at the vet.

All fixed up, he is now completely in control of the house. No longer scrawny, he looks like a bowling ball in a fur coat. My uncle has named him Washoe. He is a great cat, full of love, with a great purr. He also has no shame and not a trace of kitty aloofness.

It was great to get to know him over Thanksgiving. I am back to a trio of black kitties to love!


One Crabapple said...

...well maybe we are RELATED !

(pie recipe)

One Crabapple said...

Look how pretty Washoe is

And obviously an angel meant for your dad !

Black kitties just seem to be so sweet.

How wonderful he found a home here .

Love that.

Definitely a Thanksgiving for This Kitty.

And Your Pops.


Regina said...

Welcome Home! I still think you should have brought him back with you as the girls need "a little brother" to pick on!

He does look happy though, with your uncle!

Mindy said...

I remember you being concerned about that kitty-cat. I'm so glad he's now comfy in his forever-bed-&-breakfast home.