Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Golden Slumbers?

Back to working on Claudia's blankie. The good news is that there is every possibility that it will be finished before Claudia hits pre-school. This may be a record for me. Artemis is enjoying having a quilt top to lounge on. When I try to move her, she thumps her tail, and bears her fang (yup, singular, she broke one off in a plastic frenzy induced by a stinky pair of brand new platform flip-flops.)

I do have a design dilemma. Most of my quilts have lyrics on them...patriotic songs or lullabys, etc. I have reached the border that would normally hold these, but...all of the other quilting on this piece is straight lines, no curves...straight lines are a breeze and super quick, lyrics take a long time.

Oy! However I do know what I will use if I go with lyrics...

Golden slumbers fill your eyes

Smiles awake you when you rise

Sleep pretty darling do not cry

And I will sing a lullaby

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Hanne said...

Yes - you´re certainly right about our cats - The way they look, the very expression on their faces. Well, maybe they´re sort of familiar! In fact, they are artists´cats enjoying the favour of resting in beautifull quilts, baskets of half-done woollen sweaters, even among piles of handmade paper and other stuff. Not a bad way to be a cat.