Friday, April 28, 2006

Studio Friday - Playtime!

This week for Studio Friday we were to have fun...doodle....make a flow....with our drawing implement in our mouths? Geez, I don't know about this one. I thought this was supposed to be fun, not fraught with anguish. Where do I begin?
  1. My doodles on a good day are linear, overly controlled and uptight.
  2. An inventory of my art supplies is pathetic...paint pens are dried up....tossed my wee watercolors pallet in a clutter clearing frenzy....cannot find a paint brush that isn't more suitable for painting woodwork...oh and chalk pastels in the mouth, blehhhh!
  3. Cool, found a brand new tin of Caran D'Ache colored pencils stashed away. Pretty colors, yipeeee!
  4. Flat on the table or hanging on the wall? Either way I couldn't put enough pressure to get a good line. And I have a huge psychological hang up about pencils with teeth marks in them...super ick.
  5. I was just about to resort to using the ugly coral lipstick that was a free gift with purchase when I found a few markers that weren't past their prime.

Consider me stretched! And fully aware of how pitiful my selection of art supplies truly is, sigh.


Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I love this! You did a great job -- but take yourself supply shopping, girl-i-o! You need to be rolling in the stash like the rest of us. ;)

kelly said...

your flower is wonderful...and your list of 5 moments of anguish made me laugh! love your sense of humor!

Lisa Marie said...

Way to persevere and get the exercise done! Looks really nice!

Judy Scott said...

Hopefully now youre over the worst!!!!! Jokes aside its brilliant, love the commentary - you sound just like my daughter, Judy x

justjohanna said...

how fun! love your revealed thought process. i had to throw away the pencil with teethmarks after attempting. totally agree about the ick factor.

Sherry W said...

Don't shop for too many suppiles though, we'll have to send another TV show after you, famous girl. ;)

diosaperdida said...

try conte pastel pencils...if you feel the need to daw with the implement in your outh agan...actually..I suddenly feel exactly that need. Mayb I'll try to go paint like a monkey...not sure what that is but it suddenly came to mind and seems a good plans.
Dont fret tight drawings...just use i for warm upand draw over he tight pats...loosly...will make nice effect maybe?

Can ever go wrong with flowers...happy delightfu drawing!

diosaperdida said...

sorry...bad keyboard