Thursday, May 04, 2006

Studio Friday - Sounds

What are the sounds in your studio? Sit quietly and listen. I am sure you'll be surprised at what you hear!"

The obvious that anyone will hear are cars, sirens, people walking by chatting and laughing, and the squealing brakes on the Penn bus when it stops at the corner. Listen a little closer, you can hear my wind chimes and Artemis and Tosca chasing each other back and forth through my bedroom.

What I hear is my stash whispering to me, "knit me"..."sew me"..."oooh oooh I'd be a great scarf"..."we'd look great together as a bag"..."quilt me"..."grandma's garden please"..."lets try a Kaffe." Wow, what a needy, whiney stash I have.

And then there is the rail o'unfinished quilts, "Ahem...Claudia will be too old for a baby blankie if you don't hurry up"..."just been hanging out here for years" ..."don't you love me anymore?"

Good lord, who knew listening to your studio space could be so guilt inducing?

And now for the bling update, checked the window at the eyewear store and somebody bought my sunglasses! I know I said, "if they are still there when the income tax return comes...blah blah blah." The hell with all that, check still is not here and eBay had them for almost half price. The bling is mine!


Mary Jane said...

just love your bling and your studio sounds....I come from a family that mom is always with needles in hand...myself I've more often found out in the garden..

Going For Greatness said...

Yep... Chester county or Delaware County will be our new home. We're currently looking in Chadds Ford and Kennet Square ( soooo pretty!) My hubby will be starting his new job in July in Media, PA at Riddle Memorial Hospital! House hunting is a blast!!!!
Nice to know I'll have a creative neighbor!!!!!!
~ Gabi

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

clever take on sound!! And sooooooo very true, the inner sounds often are louder than those that surround us on the outside!

Judy Scott said...

Your stash sounds (and looks) just like mine and love the shades! Judy x

diosaperdida said...

yes! I fully approve of people getting their bling!
I also thought..well..the sounds I hear are my insprations The painting and collge work in progrees..and ones to be done.I love your photo...makes me itch to sew..or go play with my yrn stash.

justjohanna said...

LOL! i keep my fabric in the shed - with art dolls and beads and half-altered items... that way it can't nag me, ya know? i'm busy with paper these days.

glad you got your bling. and a deal!