Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Times

I have finally jumped into the swap craze. A link to Swap-Bot was on someone's blog as I was cruising the web. Next thing I knew I had gone from a swap virgin to a swap slut...hehehe. See... I should have had sex again before my 42nd birthday, none of this would have happened. Now I am committed to a handful of swaps in the next few weeks. Yow.

My first swap has an aqua and red theme... anything in those two colors. I have been running around acquiring some uber cute objects for my swap partner. While I was putting together my Santas for the Waterford Fair I noticed a bunch of aqua and red scraps in my bag. So I gathered them together and whipped up this little bag for my swap partner. I hope she likes my first swap package!

Two of the other swaps I have signed up for are music swaps. One is a mix CD of cover tunes and the second is a CD of random shuffle music. The cover tune CD has been really fun to put together.

On the topic of music, last night a gang went to World Cafe Live to see the amazingly cool band, Nouvelle Vague (pronounced vog.) They do rockin' covers of 80's new wave to a Bossa Nova-ish beat. They brought the house down with their cover of Bauhaus' Bela Legosi's Dead. Check them out, they're infectious.

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maris said...

Gorgeous work, you Swap Hoe! You've been posting so much, I won't have any fodder to tease you with tomorrow. Hee hee.