Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Prezzies and Progress

This post is dedicated to Marissa who reminded me at knitting tonight that I was being a very bad blogger. Hey, it was a busy summer and I never seemed to have a good clean surface to photograph on. How could that ever happen?

Any way I am starting off today acknowledging two fab presents from my knitting buddies. Thank you so much Marissa and Sherry, you ROCK!

Marissa brought me back this adorable bag from her vacation in the Phillipines. It makes the best do-dad bag, it already is filled with scissors, a row counter, darning needle, blah blah blah, oh yea, it also fits a set of DPNs.

Which brings me to the fabulous gadget Sherry made for me. She had fashioned these clever point protectors for DPNs. Your needles are kept neatly together and better yet your stiches don't scootch off the needles!

As you can see, there has been some progress on the toe-up socks. They are taking a break though while I knit like a fiend on other things.

In October I am going to be selling some of my handiwork at the Waterford Fair in Virginia. Like a total boob, I miss read the inventory request they sent me. Now I am trying desperately to catch up. There has been a lot of stash reduction, which is a great thing particularly the wee amounts that I cannot bear to throw away. These are some of the smaller cellphone/iPod purses that I have been cranking out. Hopefully they will be popped into the wash this weekend and have the crap shrunk out of them. I am going to have a dining room table full of soggy stinky wool. Yipee.

These happy little fat guys will be Christmas ornaments, also for the fair. Why, oh why, do I procrastinate like this?


Marissa said...

I am so honored! You're the coolest, Lisa. I'm so sorry I made fun of you being an i-cord whore.

Crap. Now I may need to start blogging knitting stuff since Jen has fallen into the depths..Or perhaps I have, but it is anonymous at this time!?! We shall see.

Sherry W said...

Awww, thanks Lisa! If you need another or one of a different length let me know.

Blog marissa blog!

maris said...

AL-right. since you have both FORCED me to blog...I'll try to start and post as much as Lisa ;)
the lovely,

Aponia said...

Damn...I stop going to knitting circle and miss all this love! Blah!
And linked to me! (but it seems to be linked to some Brazillian man's blog...just to let you know)

I miss you!
And I promise i will write back soon. This whole work thing is sucking up all my time damnit!

Aponia said...

Groovy makeup is my specialty! Actually..Stila makes these great new creme eye liners. I used to HATE eye liner with a seething passion, but these babies renewed my faith! I can look like a sex kitten every day! Yee ha!

Emily said...

Those cell phone purses are adorable. Please show us a post-felted picture! Pretty please?