Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mama is a swap-ho

Today started out happy, as I boxed up my aqua and red swap package for Jennifer. It was quite the scavenger hunt around the office looking for bubble wrap, etc. All packed up, in the mail and me, extraordinarily happy that I hadn't done my usual procrastination thing.

Sadly, my day went to crap from there. The second sales meeting that I had planned for this fall was cancelled too. Even though it is through no fault of mine, my Calvinist guilt overcomes me and I had an awful time psyching myself up to deal with the canceling at the hotel. Maybe because our folks had put off signing contracts and hey, the meeting was supposed to be the first week in October. And then there was the merge letter from hell. I have done a million of these, and yet today I ran into issues I had never seen before...boss' signatures that are suddenly in red? Whaaaa?

Enough whining!!!! Cause when I escaped and got home I was plunged back into that happy swap glow. This lovely plump envelope was waiting for me...all the way from Israel. How cool is that? Artemis of course got the right of first sniff and gave the package a complete once over.

Inside was a trove of goodies: cool barrettes (one handmade), candles, Israeli candies, stickers, a bag of itty bitty ladybugs and a big ladybug stamp, spools of ribbon, felt squares, beads, a wee fuzzywuzzy notebook. I think this is the most fun I have ever had with an envelope! The chocolate strawberry candybar will be tonight's first victim...yum. Thank you so much to Ilil for making my first Swap-bot experience such a success!!! I hope that she gets a fab package from her partner.

Oh, and Marissa...you got a lot of postin' to do


ilil ziv said...

I'm sooooo happy yo liked it :)
Thanks for your lovely mail.


ilil ziv said...

yo = you

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

seeing everyone's open boxes of aqua and red swaps is nearly as good as receiving one myself!! Isn't it perfect timing that keeps us sane!! I am happy your day ending with a candy!!

Aponia said...

God. You make me almost want to not be an anti-social hermit.

I did say almost.......