Thursday, March 02, 2006

Finally a finished object

Artemis takes napping very seriously. Her favorite place to nap is in the midst of whatever project I am currently working on. All my quilts are infused with sweet kitty-dreams and unfortunately a healthy dose of cat hair. I don't know what it is about my quilts that attracts her to them. A psychic once said that Artemis was living her first life as a cat. I think she was a seamstress whose bad karma caused her to slide several levels down the soul chain. Anyway, her latest nest is about to go to its new home in Houston with my friend Patty.

I began making this decorative quilt/bed runner this summer after we had seen a groovy piece of Indian embroidery in a store window. She wanted something like it to go at the foot of her bed and coincidently I had a heap of upholstery samples that would look great in her bedroom. The concept was kind of crazy quiltish and built on a muslin base. Like all my quilts I loved doing the top and was dragging my feet on the finishing. Once again I estimated incorrectly how much fabric I would need for the backing and was short...crap, crap, crap. So I put off the finishing. And then came the Mission Org shoot. The runner was folded up neatly on a slacks hanger with the left over fabric and fringe I got for the short ends and hung up on my "projects in progress rail." And there it hung and hung and then Patty up and moved to Houston.

Of course the thing wasn't finished in time to give it to her as a going away present, so I am taking it to her on Friday as a house warming present. My first trip to TX and I'm a bit leery about being that close to Crawford. Everyone pray for me : )

Amazingly it is done! And I don't even leave until tomorrow. Quick, check to see if hell has frozen over...

Not unsuprisingly the baby quilt is still unfinished. I am determined it will be done before Claudia enters kindergarten...nothing like an achievable goal...yeah baby!

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