Saturday, March 18, 2006

I've been so agitated!

Well, I had a small crisis this week with the washing machine. Lots of agitation going on, but very little draining...rinsing ...or spinning. Okay, so no draining , rinsing or spinning. There my whites sat in a big tub of soapy water. My good friend and handyman had been over to hook up the dryer vent to the outside and one of the connections had been left unconnected. Thank god I said something to him before my $65 service call. A few minutes and screws later and the machine was operational again!! That is a huge relief, I was having visions of me hemorrhaging cash into Sears' pockets.

My first act with my resurrected washing machine was felt two bags that were waiting in the wings. The top one is a random wool that I bought from someone's stash on eBay for dirt cheap. It was not by any means a pleasure to knit with, but it felts great. The bottom bag is knit from Noro Kuryeon. I love the self striping and there is always something in the colorway that makes you say "hmmm?" then "yah baby!" when it comes out of the machine. I always love the surprise of felting, what will come out of that machine?

My LYS has started carrying the beautiful yearns of the Great Adirondack Yarn Company. I was seduced by some jewel toned silk in a colorway called Plum Loco. I have cast on for another Clapotis, this one for my mother's birthday. Sadly the photo does not do the yarn justice.

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Merrill Mason said...

You might have noticed that I bought some of the Great Adirondack silk last night--peacock feather colors--for some shawl or other. Wendy's doing a Kimono shawl in the Beach House colorway and it feels so delicious I couldn't resist.