Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home from Houston

Home from Houston, where I had a mighty fine time (said with a Texas twang.) I managed to not voice any of my political opinions in front of anyone I would offend or incite to violence. It was a great visit. Patty's house is adorable, with a huge fenced in yard for the dogs.

I spent the weekend spooning with a hot redhead...no, not Patty...Ruby, her red doberman. Friday night she hoped on the bed and started digging at the covers. I thought I was being ejected from the bed. She scooted under the covers and curled up against me. Snuggled down and there she stayed for hours. Most action I've gotten in ages!

Saturday morning dobbie #2, Boobah, ate a tub of plumber's putty left by the bathroom contractors. He was one unhappy pup. There was one whole stretch where he sounded like one of the girls trying to cough up a hair ball. Patty and I did do some significant damage that afternoon at Home Depot...a new toilet, funky shower head with five body jets, and beautiful faucets for the tub and sink. While there, I was seduced by Silstone counters and began plotting what I could do in that kitchen I don't use.

I'll be looking on the internet for more cheap flights to Houston.

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Merrill Mason said...

Hi Lisa, and welcome to your new obsession, blogging! I'll be checking in. Ever since we moved back into our house I've been ignoring my blog in favor of unpacking. But it's too much fun to abandon altogether. See you tonight at Rosie's.