Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lady E. here I come!

Let me preface this by saying, I am a wrap girl. My mom probably didn't swaddle me properly at birth, so I am always wrapped in something, preferably cashmere.

When Scarf Style first came out I couldn't resist. One of the main reasons was the Lady Eleanor wrap- loved the colors, the texture, the enveloping size- had to knit one! Then I got home and sat down with the pattern, scratched my head in consternation, sighed and picked another project. Not only was she going to be v. expensive, but what the heck was going on in those directions?

Then along came the Entrelac Felted Bag class at Rosie's last Sunday. Who knew this stuff was actually going to be so easy once you got your mind twisted around the concept? And its like eating peanuts...I cannot stop. My bag is coming along fabulously and Lady E. is speeding back to the top of the cue. Now I just have to pick out yarn that won't eat up the mortgage payment.

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